National 24 hour Champion 2019, National 24 Hour Record Holder, Road Records Association (RRA) Edinburgh to York Record Holder, RRA Cairngorms National Park Circuit Record Holder.

“Mark does all the hard work of planning and calculating for you, so literally all you have to do is to follow the plan and ride your bike.”

Chris Murray

Alice Lethbridge

100 mile & 12 hour Competition Record Holder. National 100 mile, 12 hour & Best British All Rounder (BBAR) Champion 2017 & 2018

“Like all good coaches Mark knows how to make his athletes faster and stronger, and how to motivate them to achieve their potential”

Alice Lethbridge

Piotr Klin

UCI Age Group Record Holder, Multiple Polish National Championship Medals, Multiple UCI Chrono World Championship Medalist.

“Mark has an excellent way of debriefing me, is a person I can trust, he has forged an excellent relationship with me and got to know me as a person as well as an athlete”

Piotr Klin

Former Professional Event Rider now avid bike rider and racer.

“What Mark does, more than anything is give you the confidence to play your own game. To just keep improving yourself. He makes you a better athlete and he makes you a happy athlete and more than anything, he’s on his rider’s side”

Lynn Madeley