Chris Murray – National 24 hour champion 2019, National 24 hour record holder, RRA Record Holder Edinburgh – York and Cairngorms National Park Circuit

It’s not an exaggeration to say that being coached by Mark has revolutionised my racing.  I was always a diligent rider, but I now realise that my training wasn’t as focussed at my specific goals as it could have been.  Over the last 2.5yrs of being with Mark, my performance has increased by approximately 20% over every time-trial distance.  Not bad for a long-distance Tester! Due to Mark’s highly effective use of analytical software, I have also developed a very deep understanding of my strengths and weaknesses; something that I had no comprehension of previously.  As a result, my training is targeted at addressing my weaknesses and further enhancing my strengths – and to my shock, I continue to make improvements year on year!  I also enter every race with a detailed plan as to how I want to execute it; in this day and age there is no reason to rely on guess work!  We are then able to analyse my race afterwards and draw further lessons to then be reflected in training if necessary.   

“Mark made me realise that ‘more’ is very rarely ‘more’.  Balance, rest, progression, focus and compromise are all things that he has instilled in my training and racing, all of which I didn’t have an appreciation of under my previous coach.”

“People ask me how I manage to work full time and race multiple 12hr+ events in a year; the answer is a coach who listens to your wider life-demands, enforces rest when it is needed and brings specificity and progression to your training, to mean that you can peak your performance at absolutely the right time.  I couldn’t have achieved what I have, without Mark.”

“I started riding a bike with a purpose greater than chasing Strava segments in Nov 2015; if someone would have told me that 4 years later I would have 3 x National TT medals, a RTTC Competition Record and an RRA record, I would have never believed them!  It is very hard to achieve these things so quickly without a coach who knows what they are doing!”

“Some people get a coach as they want to have their ego stroked; I have a coach because I want to win the races I enter.”

“I have found that you have to be prepared to work hard, be consistent and trust your coach.  If you can do that, then there is no reason you can’t achieve (or even surpass!) your goals.  Mark has my complete trust.”

“Mark does all the hard work of planning and calculating for you, so literally all you have to do is to follow the plan and ride your bike.”